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  • Timon Elliott

The most common ROOFING questions we receive in Marco Island and Naples, FL.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

1. Will I have a large selection of roofing material to choose from?

We will invite you to our office to make your selections.

2. Who is in charge of getting the work permits?

Florida Roofing and Construction LLC takes care of getting all the work permits that are needed to complete your roof replacement project in SWFL and we make sure they are properly posted and placed on your property. We take care of everything from start to finish!

3. Will all permit costs be included in my roofing installation price?

There are no additional permit fees that you have to worry about! The total roof installation price includes 100 % of these fees.

4. Will I get a copy of all manufacturer's warranties?

Absolutely, we are all about giving our Marco Island and Naples clients piece of mind when they hire us for their roof replacement.

5. Will my roofing contract state exact products being used on my roof?

We always list exact material being used on your roofing project.

6. Will your company take the lead with my roof insurance claims?

Yes, if your roof repair or replacement is a claim, count on us to work with your Insurance company.

7. Will the worksite be neat and clean at all times?

Yes, we are committed to keeping your property looking great (clean and neat), during the entire roof installation process from start to finish.

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